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Business Record Reports: China Iowa Group, LS2 Team Up to Boost U.S. - China Trade

March 10, 2017

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The ink had not been dry long on our look at Iowa's trade with China — published in this week's Business Record — when we learned of a new partnership that will come into play.

Li Zhao, who is featured on our cover this week, and her China Iowa Group are teaming up with LS2 — Chuck Larson's East Village-based agency we featured in an earlier story on trade with Russia (LS2 gets around.)

The two firms have worked together before, but will amp up the partnership in the new arrangement, which will be formally announced next week. "We really feather together with our skill sets," Larson said.

The companies focus on regulations, investment issues, product sourcing, sales channels, finding qualified in-country partners, locating capital, permits, product registration and logistics, for example.

Larson said the team will work to represent both U.S. interests in China and China businesses looking for customers in the United States. Agriculture, manufacturing and defense will be high on the list, but anything could be on the table. "What we are doing in China, Hong Kong and southeast Asia in really blossoming," Larson said. "Opening China is very important."

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is about to become the U.S. ambassador to China, which has increased talk of expanding trade with the massive country. At the same time, President Trump has threatened massive tariffs that might slow those deals.

Li and Larson, and colleagues, will work to make sure Iowa can boost both exports to China and imports of Chinese goods.

Said Li: "We feel strongly that Chuck's team and our team complement each other well."

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