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we help you shape and execute your China strategy for selling to a market of 1.4 billion people

While U.S. companies generally recognize the tremendous Chinese market potential, many lack the local expertise to establish a strong foothold in China. China Iowa Group leverages our extensive network (“guanxi”) to bring you qualified buyers from China, whether you already have a sales presence or are looking to develop one. We specialize in developing sales channels for U.S. products in China so your company can expand sales with confidence. Working with China Iowa Group allows you to allocate resources wisely, so your company can have a presence in China without the need to heavily invest to create an on-the-ground team.

For companies seeking to generate sales in China, we offer:

  • Identify market opportunities

  • Connect with qualified buyers, importers, distributors and/or partners

  • Manage relationships

  • Coordinate government permits/product registration

  • Verify export compliance

  • Facilitate IP protection

  • Manage order flow

  • Arrange logistics

  • Ensure timely payment

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