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China Iowa Group is an international trade firm based in West Des Moines, Iowa, that provides customized solutions for doing business with China. China Iowa Group’s competitive advantage is that its principals are a husband and wife team with a native understanding of both China and the U.S.  

our company's values are based on honesty and hardwork

The company’s founders are Li Zhao, a Chinese native who spent 25 years in China where she focused on international trade, and Justin Mandelbaum, a U.S. native and fifth generation Iowan with strong international business experience. We manage an on-the-ground team in China of nearly a dozen bilingual local trade experts throughout the country.

China Iowa Group’s clear understanding of business and culture in both the U.S. and China positions us to uniquely add value domestically and abroad. We leverage our network and experience throughout both countries to increase profitability for our clients.  

who we are

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